Managed Services - No Hourly Billing

Managed Services – No Hourly Billing


What happens when your IT provider does the following?

  • Fixes the same problem twice
  • Makes an onsite visit
  • Remote controls into your computer to fix an issue
  • Meets with you and another vendor on conference call


Your bill INCREASES!!

 At World Network Systems, it is not all about cost. We prefer not to think about cost and you should not have to either.  Once you are a No-Hourly billing Full Service Client, we both can focus on doing our jobs.  Which in our case is making sure you can do your job efficiently and interruption free from issues with your computer systems, application, IT security, and Infrastructure. We believe in listening to our customers, communicating with our customer, and providing professional curious support.  We provide unlimited managed services, 247 support, at one monthly price that is guaranteed not to increase no matter what happens.

We stand behind our prices and there will not be any unexpected cost.  The only time your cost will increase is when you add more computer users to your coverage or IT Projects such as new cabling, New Servers, New WiFi coverage areas, Websites, or other Software development projects.

We have two basic service plans; Full Service (No hourly Billing Managed Services) and Remote Only.  We have eliminated the hourly billing and now have a simple billing formula that is based on the number of full-time users. So if our client has 20 full-time users they only pay per user. This is our way to help our customers better manage cash flow and for us to be able to give our customers the attention they deserve.  Add on services are available to supplement the remote only plan for time periods when additional resources are needed. 

  • Desktop and Servers Support
  • Infrastructure (cabling, WiFi, routers and switches)
  • Application / Virus / Spyware Support
  • Online Backups
  • Subscription Monitoring
  General Prices are:

  • $100 Per user per month  (Full Services)
  • 70 Per User per month (Remote Only)
  • Discounts for nonprofits

But please contact us at 215-701-8152 Option 2 for discounts if over 15 users

24/7 Support via

  • Phone
  • email
  • helpdesk database



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