PC Deployment

PC Deployment

PC Deployment at its finest.

World Network Systems PC Deployment Services; has been the leading subcontracting company for PC deployment projects for the Pennsylvania Health Systems, Resources for Human Development, PCOM, and other well known Organizations in Philadelphia.

We you need quality and efficiency contact World Network Systems at 215-701-8152 for PC Deployment Services.

WNS successfully completed hundreds of PC deployment projects within budget and schedule.

WNS PC Deployment task include but are not limited to New PC roll-outs, Imagining, PC Decommissioning, Asset removal, wiping drives to Department of Defenses standards.

WNS makes guarantees, which other companies do not. We can, we will, and we have met our estimated amount of hours allotted for projects 99.9 % of the time. This means that the price agreed on for a particular project will never increase midway through the project.

WNS regularly receives praises for work well done. By selecting WNS project managers, clients are guaranteed their projects will come in on budget and that the end-users are satisfied.

Philadelphia organizations rely on World Network Systems for low-cost outsourced PC Deployment Services.


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