Existing Vendors Changing Payment Methods could be a SCAM


This morning I received a call from one of our clients.  She asked me about an email that she thought I sent her asking if they could pay us by wire transfer.

I responded, “Oh not that again!”  that was not from me.  This has happened before when they received an email from me, but not from me with an email address very similar to mine.

Here is what the email looked like

Subject: RE: Invoice inquiry


I just wanted to check on the status of this payment, i just wanted to know if i can send you our bank details for the payment instead of sending a check.



They also CC the two contact people that I normally communicate with.

So in short, if you get an email from me or another vendor asking for a wire transfer or EFT it is probably a scam and you should call and talk to someone you know to confirm before sending the transfer.

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